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July 2012

Whatís New?...

    Dad and I have been working together over the winter restructuring a few of our products and coming up with a strategy to keep creating our tools  for the upcoming years..  As many of you know, we have had separate shops for the past 20 years.  We started working together in his shop and then as my husband went to graduate school, on to a post doctorate position and into his career, the business has moved with me and my shop. When I had young toddlers dad took over a few of my responsibilities; such as turning the handles for chisels and now as he is getting older we have been shifting some of the responsibilities back to me.  The one job that he has always maintained is the larger chisels. He has always done the forging, shaping and heat treating of these full size tools and whereas I am capable of adding it to my repertoire, I am not sure I want too (there really is only so much time in a day).  Therefore, you may notice a slowdown in production of these tools.  What we have decided to do is remove the buy it now button from the website and create these on a limited scale.    We will not take your money up front due to the longer wait period. We will let you know when they tools are close to shipping and payment can be arranged then.   This should accommodate Dad's desire to create the tools, but eliminate the pressure of delivery, which is an issue with age.  Some days are just slower than others and I am sure you can all relate, no matter what your age.  You can cancel the order at any time and at the end of the year if is there are any unclaimed pieces we will list them for sale at the web-site. All other tools will remain the same and we think these changes will keep everyone supplied with our commitment to high quality tools for many years to come.    Let us know if you have any questions about our decision and as you know we enjoy hearing your feedback. 


     We are committed to quality, but are limiting the quantity...

 Interesting Tidbit....  Dad places 'Made in China' sticker on one of our knives at the Ward show a couple years ago and we watched the reaction....What do you think happened?  Read below to find out.


Now a Little SHOP TALK




            What does it mean to be Made in the USA...                


    We basically buy wood, steel, brass, and leather from American suppliers.  One thing we have noticed over the past 5-6 years is how many of these suppliers have gone out of business and thus making it increasingly harder to get the materials, not to mention more expensive.  The first to go was the manufacturer of our detailer handles Fibron; followed by a company that created the brass tubing we use to machine our ferrules and then  recently our leather supplier disappeared.   Fortunately, I mentioned this on Facebook and a customer who was also a leather worker had some great suggestions. I also just learned that the company that imported our supply of angelic wood for the boat yards has also gone out of business. The only reason I mention all this is because as a creator of American made products I have also seen a lot of interest from the consumers to purchase American made, but something is just not adding up.  It has become increasingly harder to create these products at a time when they should be well received.  Of course the financial aspect is a factor, with every order I place my materials go up and in some cases 400%.  I have also found that most do not want to sell in smaller quantities any more, which can be quite a hardship for us smaller manufactures.  So I guess if you can make a product on a large scale you are safer than us smaller guys who just plain enjoy what we do.  We will keep finding the materials and provide you with the quality you deserve.  Lets hope it gets easier for everyone to create and enjoy what they do because Made in the USA is still something to be proud of.


As  I mentioned earlier at the Ward show a few years ago Dad jokingly places a 'Made in China' sticker on a knife and we found the reaction to be excepted, but I am not sure what you were expecting.   When we explain at a show how we make the tools, I think people are more surprised that you can actually create a product by hand such as this.  Over the years we are constantly asked where the tools are made and when we start rattling off what we do they really can't envision it.  People expect you to say in China, even my own kids are skeptical and they see me everyday come in from the shop.  We won't even mention that I am a women, for that is another story..


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   Upcoming Shows....

July 7th

 Mystic Woodcarvers

Olde Mystic Village, Connecticut


August 18th & 19th

Down East Woodcarvers

Augusta Maine

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Customer Comments

The best part of our job is knowing the tools are being enjoyed and used.  We love to hear from everyone..

Karyn, Thanks for the beautiful job on the knife!! It's great to deal with a family business. Regards, John P Schrader

 I wanted you to know I received my knife the other day and I just got a chance to try it out last night.  It works VERY well!  I used it to carve a wood spirit into my hiking staff and it worked so much better than any pocketknife I had ever carved with.  Thank you again!

Ethan Kibler

If you are not convinced and would like to view more testimonials visit our web-site.  We really do love to hear from you.  Good and Bad.  We have been known to screw up from time to time and we rely on you to keep us at our best. 

More Testimonials


Thanks for all your support and let us know if we can be of any service to you.

Until then Happy Carving!

The Father and Daughter Team of

Mike and Karyn de Punte'

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