We recently started collecting testimonials to add to the web-site for those of you who may be interested in what others say about our tools.  Our favorite part of creating the tools is knowing that they are being enjoyed and used.  When posting the comments I do take the liberty of removing other knife makers names.  We do the best we can do and we are not here to judge..I know it is hard work.

 Thank you for all the wonderful comments..

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Hi Karyn,

Thank you for the update. I'm doing some traveling this spring, so these will be great for the trips. I have your travel gouge set and six other carving knives of yours and they are absolutely the finest I have ever worked with. Beautiful craftmanship and attention to detail in your blades and handles. I will be excited to add these travel companions to my kit.  Regards, Glen

please let me know the progress on my latest order. The last order was a new roughing knife. Wow!  I am more than pleased with it. Keep up the great work. What a find for me. Thanks:  Big Tony

karyn   very satisfied on the service I got on my knives.  so I have mailed the other six to be sharpened.

thanks in advance  herb

Hi!  Yesterday I started to use my gouge for the first time that I ordered from Capeforge and all I have to say is WOW! I am extremely happy with the tool and everything about it. Using it is an absolute dream! Thank you for making an amazing product!

regards, Judson Wall 

Sharpest thing I've ever held. Now all I have to do is figure out what to create! And get some gloves; if it cuts wood like butter...Hope you keep up your health for years to come, so many others can appreciate these! Eat yo veggies

Thanks, Dylan

I received the Chip Carving Blades today for the Traveler Handle.  They work great.  I like being able to adjust the angle in the Traveler Handle for the desired angle cut while using a comfortable grip.  They are great chip carving blades.

Thank you,Charles Emmert

I wanted to add a testimonial to your website but I guess maybe that can't be done directly so here goes":

"After several months of use, I have concluded that the Cape Forge handles & blades are themselves works of art.  Not only do they "do the job", they are beautiful, ergonomic, and solidly made for a lifetime of use.  Telling my wife its for Father's Day (again), I just placed a second order!"

Thanks, Terry Eastham

Just got the tool set today.  Terrific work on it.  I love the set and they are sharper than any set I have ever bought even from you. I can't say enough about the quality.  Allen

Hey Karyn, 
Just got the spoon knife in hand.  
DAMN!  You killed it!  Good job.  
Put this one up for sale on the page - I love it.   Jason

Hi Karyn,

The set of Cape Forge carving tools has just arrived safely and in excellent condition in the Land Downunder. Many thanks. They certainly look wonderful in their purpose-made leather holder. Can't wait to use them!

Best regards, Graeme

Hi Karyn,

Just wanted to let you know, my Dad LOVED the knife set - said I couldn't have given him a better present.

Thanks so much,  Sue

Monday and I got my knife,from custom office,no problem ,only obligatory tax.The knife are fantastic ,I can only your work recommender as the one of kind  and only top tools.Here are those. George Balon

Thank you so much for the great service.  As always first class!!!   Thank You.  Bill

The tupelo carving knives you made for me are the absolute best tupelo knives I have had in my hands.  They not only carve tupelo with ease but are also beautiful knives.

Thanks, Dan Hines  DRWoodCreations

Karyn:  My #8 carving knife arrived this morning - thank you.  The knife is a work of art!  It handles beautifully and was sharpened perfectly. 

I used it for a couple of hours today and it is, in all respects, all that I could desire.

Thanks again.  Dick Pierce  Durand, WI

Hi Karyn,

I received my knife today and just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how very pleased I am.  It fits my hand perfectly and is a dream to carve with.

Thanks again,  Lori Schott

Hi, Karyn

I would to thank you the wonderful tools. They were all I hoped for and more.

Thanks again and warmest regards, James Fowler

 just received the general carving knife that I ordered.  After 5 minutes of carving I am completely in love with it. It has never been so easy to carve! I am a beginning carver and as I progress I am sure you will be seeing more orders from me. Thanks for taking the time and care to make a great product.

  Bruce Wlazelek

Just wanted to let you know that I received my tools.  As always, they are wonderful and amazingly sharp.

-- Brendt Lindse

Well the Traveler just arrived and I must say this is well beyond my expectations.  These blades are going to be just right…and your handle shape really is quite comfortable in several positions.  I had high hopes to be able to toss this in my luggage when I have no real plans to carve…but I have a feeling I will use it for much more than just travel work.

 I have a few projects in line and will give this set a good trial over the next few weeks.

 Thanks so much…I cannot wait to give this set a run on a small spoon I axed out over the weekend.

 Take care,  Randy


 The knives came today and I have spent the last six hours working with them.  My reaction is…OMG that makes carving pleasurable.  The folks who said you make the best surely did not lie.  The handles are very comfortable for me and the edges are astounding.  I am just so pleased.  I promise you more of your knives are in my future and I will tell everyone about your product. 

 Thank you very much.   Dave Hadden

Thank you Karyn, What a difference a sharp v-tool makes.


The first set of knives I ordered arrived about a week ago....they are wonderful.   I am fairly new to wood carving and have tried several different knives........none of them compare to the products I received from Cape Forge!    Obviously the work of a dedicated craftsman or craftsmen (women).  Too,  I like doing business with a small family firm.  Hope the harsh winter weather you experienced early is now behind you.   Best Wishes.

Thanks,  Charles Preston

Hello Karyn,

Just wanted to let you know I revived the knife yesterday and it is absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to put it to good use.  Thank you so much!

Best Sophie

Hi Karyn,
i recieved my knife yesterday, i got to carving right away :)
thanks again for making me the perfect knife, i see more cape forge knives in my future. i attached a picture of my first spoon ever with a real bent knife.
take care, rob.

Hello Cape Forge,

I received the mini chisel/gouge set last Friday and I am truly grateful for the beautiful craftsmanship and supreme quality of your tools! Everything - from the packing, the brochure and of course the set itself is a statement of excellence and professionalism.

I hope to be purchasing many more of your knives and other tools in the near future.

Thank you many times over!

Jim Krohn




                     REGARDS, DENVER FORD

Hi Karyn, the chisels have just arrived and they look very good - I haven't used them yet but am sure that they will work as good as they look. If only I lived a bit closer as there is much much more carving activity in The USA than here.Thanks again, the service has been excellent.  Regards, Paul. 

PS the bandaid is a nice touch but how did you know??

Hi Karyn,My first Cape Forge knife caught up with me in Az. I am really very pleased with it. My other knives are nice, but yours is better! I just ordered a #3, having it sent ahead to Colorado. I am leaving hints about your travel kit, for our RV, for fathers day :)

Thanks again,  Joe Ritz

Karyn, Thanks for the beautiful job on the knife!! It's great to deal with a family business. Regards, John P Schrader

 I wanted you to know I received my knife the other day and I just got a chance to try it out last night.  It works VERY well!  I used it to carve a wood spirit into my hiking staff and it worked so much better than any pocketknife I had ever carved with.  Thank you again!

Ethan Kibler

I absolutely love the knives! Thanks so much for offering such a fine product. I will be back for chisels and a strop later. Thanks again! David Comerford

Hey Karyn…

I received the tools and as always you did a GREAT job!  I love giving life to old steel!  And the new edges you put on the newer tools made by some who call themselves “knife makers” are exceptional. (They should visit Connecticut and learn how it’s done!)

Thanks again Chea

Dear Karyn,

 The knife and starter kit looks awesome and I LOVE the knife. It’s beautiful and very solid feeling, much better than the other knives I looked at. I bought one of your knives without actually holding it because of your stellar reviews, and I can now say confidently that your customers are right, Your tools are amazing!

Sincerely, Leah DiPlacido

I don’t understand the scientific reasons,,, but having received my knife today, I am very impressed. This design has been well thought. The way the blade is set in the handle, the shaping of the handle. This beats even my Harley.  I will still use another knife for hogging,  but your knife will be my primary carver.  Worth every penny


Thank you for your excellent work and dedication to quality. You have certainly earned a life-long customer in me. Thanks again,  Nick Kaminski

Hi there,

It has arrived ... yeahhh!!! We got it on Saturday but because we were away for the week end, we didn't know. Our neighbor brought it to us yesterday night. Tim loves it. He told me that it was such a beautiful work... he was very happy to now have proper tools to carve and can't wait to try them. Thank you ever so much... it is really beautiful!  Take care Karyn and way to go on the good work:)  Marie

I just received my knives and I already love them.  I have large hands and I just figured that carving knives need to have short handles, I thought it was just the way the tool had to be.  Some of the knives I use I actually use a pinch type grip as opposed to holding them which leads to fatigue which as we all know leads to mistakes and cuts.   Your knives have real handles...what an unusual concept.    I would imagine they would be more comfortable for any carver large hands or small, they just give me more control and a more relaxed grip.  I never knew it could be so good.  Thanks so much for setting the bar so high.   Allen A. Rudolph

Thank you! I recently purchased the mini chisel set and it is excellent! I've been using it every day since it came in mail!  Thank you for a fine product.  Roger

Hi Karen:
Just wanted you to know that I received my knives today and they are ssswwweeeet!  Thank you!  Often, when I order things I am disappointed.  These are all I had hoped for... plus  you beat your proposed delivery date.  Best, Michael

I just received my new knife that I won in your Father's Day drawing.  I have been waiting like a kid waiting for Santa.  A member of our carving club has several of your knives and "swears" by them.  I have not had the opportunity to put it to use yet but from my initial trial cuts, I'm pretty sure it's going to be my favorite.  It is really a superb product.
Thanks again,
Chuck Brooks

Hi Karyn,

I just received my new Traveler Set and I am very pleased.  I was however, disappointed because there was no Cape Forge bandage in the package!  And, wouldn’t you know it………….I punctured my thumb while unpacking the set for the first time.  Anyway, if/when you get more bandages please send me one or two.  Again, many thanks.

Warm regards,  David

Dear Karyn,    Just to let you know, I have received my knives and I am very pleased with them.

Kind regards,  Bart Moltzer

Hi Karyn,

I was trying to think of some kind of trick to pull on you this April Fool's day but I thought I'd better not p**s off my favorite knife makers. I got the knife today and it's perfect as always. Thanks.

Dave Kotschi

Just a note to let you know my new Cape Forge tool arrived today. What a beauty! These aren't knives, they're works of art! I am new to carving, but it is comforting to know I will be working with a quality and well made item. At first I was a bit confused what with all the different knife suppliers to choose from; after seeing this Cape Forge blade, there is no reason to look further. I will definitely get what I need from you. I can't wait to get started! Oh, and I love the enclosed bandage.....

All the best, Chris Laughlin

Thank you Karyn,   I am liking my #1 and #3 very much. Such nice knives. I almost feel "unworthy" of them being a beginner and all.   Jason

Dear Cape Forge Master Crafters!, I just received my #4s Detailer this Saturday and I am so impressed I had to order a #1 carving knife right away! Please make mine more to the 1.25 inch blade length ( give or take). You have spoiled me! Thanks, Sam Allen.

I received my new knife from you last week and I love it, it is nice and sharp and cuts great! Most of all it holds a nice edge. I will be ordering more knives from you in the near future as well as posting my comments on the WCI message forum. Thanks again!

Dave Cohen

Several years ago, I bought a carving knife from you.  I loved it.  But I accidentally sent it along with some other tools to be sharpened and it came back to me pretty useless.  Can I send it to you and you can see if it can be made sharp again?  Thanks.  Carolle

We are happy to sharpen any of our tools for Free you just pay shipping.......

                     I  finally got a chance to use my knife today and it is wonderful.  I thought it was ruined but you saved the day.  Thanks!  Carole

Hey Karyn,

I just wanted to let you know that my knives arrived today and as soon as I saw the blade I knew I'd finally found the lost duthman gold mine. I couldn't wait to get home and try them out on a carving I'm currently doing and they are phenomenal. I've tried Swiss knives, others and they aren't even in the same league as Cape Forge. I'll be back for more soon. Thanks again, Chea

I just wanted to let you know my order arrived today.  I tried out the knives and gouge, and they are fantastic – certainly well worth the wait.  They are head and shoulder above the other I’m using now.  I love the feel of the handles and the sharpness is better than anything I’ve achieved on my knives.    Please pass on to your Dad how wonderful his work is.  I’ll definitely be using you for my future purchases.

Thanks again,  -Brendt Lindsey

Hello,   I just wanted to let you know, I received my package and the knife is beautiful. Thanks!  Miki

just got back today and my son said the box came last week, so not bad mail service for 3500 miles. Your products are as the web site describes and are beautiful well made quality products. I have already started to play with the knives and am looking forward to many years of enjoyment. Will be doing business with you again in the near future. Again Thank you and take care.


My two special order knives arrived yesterday. Of course I had to try them out at once! They really cut well and are exactly what I am looking for. You truly are an artist in forging knives. Thank you. Carl

hello, I received my new knives and I'm so thrilled with them that I'm sending this note. very well hand crafted and the talk of my carving meetings. you have a customer for life thanks again frank



My latest knife order arrived today. The knives are superb as usual. I am particularly impressed with the Hooked Skew you made for me. It looks great and works really well, As always, I am extremely glad that you continue to produce such high quality carving tools. Keep up the good work! Thanks Again, Karl Willoughby

Hello Karyn:

I just got yesterday the parcel you sent me a few days ago.  It was my first contact with Cape Forge tools and I am very pleased : the blade is so thin, yet so strong!  It works through basswood like a warm knife through butter.  Let me work with them a little and I shall order some more.  Denis Genest

Mini battleaxe was great - been doing a lot of feathering with it - sweet tool!



Hello, Karyn and Mike,
Just a quick note to tell you how much I’m enjoying my new 1 1/4” straight knife. The handle is extremely comfortable- it nestles in my hand as though it grew there- and beautiful to boot. The blade is everything I’d hoped it would be; perfectly shaped, razor sharp and holds an edge for a very long time between stropping. I couldn’t be more pleased. Many, many thanks for making such fine tools and keep it up!

 Cheers, Paul Thomas  Seattle


Our Commemorative Knife winner....The knife arrived today.  It is delightful.  Thank you again,

Laszlo Pasztor, Jr.


The battleaxe you made  for me arrived, as I expected a top class tool.   Thanks John

Received those two custom dog leg gouges yesterday. Just what I wanted and razor sharp. Can sure use them at this time on an acanthus carviing. Thank you and your Dad for the great products and service. Hope your family is all ok.  Happy Day !    Art

Did you catch the thread about Cape Forge Knives On WCI’s web site a week or two ago? Facebook page says you are looking for feedback.

http://www.woodcarvingillustrated.com/forum/f52/cape-forge-knives-29848/  Harold “Goody” Goodman

My Cape Forge is about 20 years old. It came sharp and all it ever gets is an occasional stropping.. You had just become a Mother when I bought my Cape Forge knife. Memories!!! Walter Baker

I've been enjoying the bent-blade knife I got at Christmas.  It works perfectly and I couldn't be happier!

Scott McIntyre
Raymond, Nebraska


I recently purchased one of your knives. It is amazing! It has withstood my brutal carving style beyond anything that I have used before. Thank you!

Russell Pearson


    Just wanted to tell you how nice your knives carve!!! .  I recently pick up a couple at an Estate sale. I was wondering what the three letters on the tiny brass rivet significant ?? It looks like POE or Pde?? Please let me know I am curious??
Thank you so much for your time, Dave

Our last name is de Punte and the symbol is dep...Thanks for asking!

  I received my knife and have been using it since I got home from work this evening. Now a little about me and then I'll tell you how much I love the knife. I'm a novice at carving, as a matter of fact I've been carving ( a wooden spoon) for four days and two of the days I was without a knife so I was just thinking about carving. Really,, I was invited to a meeting of carvers in Lincolnville by a coworker and I had the chance to try different tools and knifes. I chose your knife because of quality, hand comfort and it's made locally. I don't know how much I'll get involved with carving but when the time comes for any carving tools they'll be from Cape Forge.

Thank You
Randy Dondero

This is the 4th set of minis I have ordered.  They’re not good, there GREAT.  Keep up the great work. James


                  Yesterday the chisels and knives arrived.   First reaction was that they were made by a craftsman.  .  The handles are "just right" so I tried them out on a bit of limewood (bass)  and they did what they should.  With  new knife it takes me a while to get used to it but I 'm sure these will meet my expectations.  John

I received the knife today.  That is one good looking knife!!  It looks like the handle is put on backwards but holding is believing.  I haven't had a chance to use it yet but I'm looking forward to it.


 Your anniversary knife arrived, in great shape, yesterday. It's fabulous and so natural and comfortable in my hand that it feels like it's a part of me.
Congratulations to you and your father on this joyous occasion of being successful, both with your business and your chosen endeavors together.
Wishing both of you continued good health, prosperity, and happiness in all you dream and do,

Jim Reed

I received my order the other day and everything came fine and in good order. I took the knives out for a test drive on a piece of basswood the other night and I can sum up the experience in one four letter word -- NICE! Actually very nice -- so its two four letter words. :-)I have my eye on a couple of other blades but, if I want to continue living in my house, I will have to wait. Hmmm, maybe I will include them in my letter to Santa this year -- do you think that Santa actually reads all of those letters? I guess we will see.

Anyway, thanks so much -- I am a happy carver.


I wanted to add to my comments about the latest knife.  As I said earlier it's my favorite knife.  The steel you used to make the blade seems much better than the knife I showed you as a reference.  In fact I've offered to sell to sell the "pattern knife" to anyone in our club that wants it.  Several people have tried both of your knives and like them.  I don't know if this will ever translate into any business for you.  Everyone says at first glance the handles are on backwards but after using for a short time change their minds.
Dave Kotschi

Hi Karyn, I purchase a mini knife set and a traveler set from you late last summer... I can't tell you how much I like them. Thank you  so much.         Dwayne Ong.

 I received the caving tools today.  They are beautiful.  I can’t wait to start carving again.  You all did a wonderful job.  Thank you all for the quick service.  I wish I could leave you all feedback some were to let everyone know how good your service and knives are.   

Thank you  Charles Emmert 

I received the two detail knives I ordered today. They have a very  nice balance and really get into those places that no other knife can.  I just wanted to say thanks   Dan Slater

The set is gorgeous! I hated to put fingerprints on the blades!  They are a work of art — and they work superbly!  There is no comparison, really, to my other carving knives.

Thank you!   I will soon order even more!    Jerry

I had asked Steve if ye minded If I used his comment and this is response...

Sure but please let me give you a little better comment..

"As a novice wood carver I decided to invest in a quality forged knife, while there is no substitute for skill, quality tools help a learner to better achieve his or her goals by removing the tool itself from being an impediment to the learners success and ultimately his or her enjoyment f the craft.

When I started to look into finding a quality knife I turned to the experienced, and those experienced carvers pointed me in the direction of Cape Forge.  One of the things that struck me immediately about Cape Forge is the look of their tools.  These are not factor produced tools, you can tell right away that these tools are made by people that love what they are doing.  The look comfortable, like they are meant to be an extension of your hand.

I immediately knew I wanted to buy their Wood Carving Starter kit.  The knife, strop, glove and compound looked like exactly what I needed to get started.  One of the things I also found I appreciated was the responsiveness of the Cape Forge staff.  E-mail questions were answered promptly, and advice given without hesitation.

When my package came I appreciated that the items were individually sealed in ziplock packages.  I of course immediately focused in on the carving knife that looked every bit as impressive as it did on the website.  It feel wonderful in your hand, easy to hold and gives you a lot of options when carving.

To say that it cut like butter through the wood piece I was working on would not be an over exaggeration, I love this knife.  And to be honest I will be buying more tools from Cape Forge as my experience and needs continue to grow.  Thanks again guys!"

Thanks again, I absolutely love the knife!


Thanks.  I bought one your knives at the Worlds and love it.  Looking forward to having another one.


I look forward to my new Traveler Knife Set.  Your blades hold up so fantastically that I wish you made a pocket knife.  I have two of your #2's that I use for just about everything around here.


Ron Davidson here ! Just wanted to let you know I received the new tools and they work great. You did a fantastic job. If I come up with any more strange ideas I will be sure and contact you. Thanks


O My Goodness, It is so beautiful! You and your father have done such amazing work. I am so humbled and blessed by your generosity and sacrifice on my behalf. Now knowing your story and understanding the full measure of your gift, I truly am blessed and touched. I cannot thank you enough. My heart is so full of gratitude that word do not and will not do it justice.

Nathan Meadows

The tools are fantastic!  Thank you for your time and consideration.  I will be in touch!      Jim Markland

I was so impressed with my previous order that I have just submitted another one. I ordered two strops and I wanted to ask to have one of them cut in half so I could use it as you nice demonstrated on the video link for small tools. I can also tell you that the mini knife and chisel sets cause a lot of attention anywhere that they are used

Thanks, Alex  (Isreal)

I bought this set for my husband for our 5 yr. anniversary.  We are first time customers and I had to drop you a note to tell you how please we are with this purchase!   I gave these to Chris on the 29th. and he has been so thrilled with them that he is using them in every minute of his spare time (i.e. waiting on breakfast, dinner, waiting on me to get dressed...etc...).  He has told me at least a half dozen times how so happy he is with these blades and how quality they are.

Just wanted to say thank you so much, Karyn, and we look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Thanks again!

Helen Havens

Hi Karyn WOW! That was quick ! ! !Can not wait -2- C- how the knife repair came out  So far Karyn you've been something else with service to the buyer  (such as me) And I WILL NOT FORGET THAT, whenever I need more carving knives or supplies.

> Thank You Karyn -4- being there for me GOD BLESS YOU : - ) Mr. Ray Monaco

A short note to let you know that I have received my order. It all looks real good. The knives and palm tools work well. I am Pleased to do business with you folks.

Thanks, Karl Willoughby

Just a line to let you know that I have received my order. I think I used up every piece of scrap wood I had, even my ice-cream sticks using the new chisels. I'm very pleased and expect many years of use.

Marshall Searcy

It's time for me to order another of you truly excellent knives. I'm not joking when I say that we really can't get anything like the edge holding capabilities of your knives here in the UK.

Mark Treacher

I would suggest going with Cape Forge.... they are beautiful, have a great feel and stay sharp if you take care of them.... and if you have trouble sharpening like I do sometimes.... send it back and Karyn will put a new edge on it for you... I have had her do my "V's" several times.... It makes all the difference in the world.. Also if you can keep the knives away from the stones and use leather strop/ block with paste.. you will find that you get along much better. 

Bruce Blackman


Karyn, thanks for the response. I've got one of your knives and I think it is fabulous.......best knife I've got.....so I will gladly wait a few more days to get the chisels.

Joy Banks

Here is a Fathers Day knife winner-The knives are What I expected. "Best In Quality"

Karry Batzel

  I'm the guy who showed up at the Mystic Show as you and Mike were packing up to leave. Just a short note to say thank you for digging out the tools for me to look at, for the Traveler Set I purchased. I Love the tools, they just drop in my pocket as I go to work or on a trip, a quick hit on the strop an I'm going again, the best tools I own.
                                                                             Tom Tomlin

    Everything arrived in excellent shape and this was a good shape for my intended use... AND there is a real difference in knives And steel and it's processing...  will distribute the catalog to family who try to buy something for me for Christmas presents etc... as we are all hard to buy for. thanks and I'll pass on the good words about your products.

RD Miller

 Knives arrived the other day.... used them last night....OH YES!... Excellent..... very very nice. Satisfied customer. I may be ordering a flat Drawknife for shaping decoy bodies....Thanks again and we will be doing business again,


Hi Karyn,
Got my knives today. They are beautiful, sooo sharp. Even my husband wants to take up carving if he can use my new knives.
Thank you for the speedy shipping and great customer service.

I've owned and enjoyed several of your paring chisels for the last five years. They are essential parts of my guitar making tool kit -- I think I'd rather give up the band saw, the jointer, and even a couple of routers before I stopped using these fine tools.

Rick Davis

Thanks for spending so much time with me at the Down East show. I bought a couple blocks of wood on the way out, and while my wife drove back to NJ, I carved feathers. Of course when I got to CT, the roads stunk, so I had to quit so as not to remove skin and have to use the free Band-Aid. The blade is great, and I've been working on a chickadee using only hand carving tools. I don't like using a Dremel in my room on Fort Dix, since my fellow soldiers may think I'm practicing some kinky act in my room, or even worse -- barracks dentistry. Plus wood dust on my uniform wouldn't be good.

Bob Prol

The gouge is just what I needed. You did a beautiful job on a tool that will last my lifetime and probably much longer.I look forward to really using it on this arch top guitar.

Mark Rainville

I really value your tools - the only other ones that compare were made for me by a Japanese netsuke master, so you  are in very good company.

Richard Simon

Received the tools to day. I've been carving for the past 50 yr's and I will have to say this is the nicest knife set I have seen. My friends are going to be envious. Thank you for getting them out so quick, I thought it was going to several more weeks.

Roger Benson

The BEST Knives I've ever owned!!!!!!

Carl Mcphearson

I received the two knives I ordered and they are simply magnificent.  They are superbly crafted and have an incredible edge that I've been able to easily maintain. Congratulations on a superb product.

Thanks again. Nick Lutsch

My father received his traveler kit today, and I can't thank you enough!  He loves everything about the knife, and was very impressed by the workmanship.  I enjoyed dealing with you, and the information that you provided during our call was very informative.  I look forward to calling for more gifts in the future. 


I work in leather and these are the best knives I have ever used for my kind of tooling.

Lou Mattis

The tools have finally arrived.  When I first got your email I didn’t read it carefully and didn’t realize you said USPS.  I had assumed UPS.   The poor service in this state is legendary.    But the tools are here now, and I had to go “test drive” a few before finishing this email.  Beautiful.  I wish I could take the rest of the afternoon off and go carve. 

      The carving classes are only one day per week, so the tools only missed the first day’s classes.  They got by on the tools that were still here since there was a greater percentage of time spent talking for that first day.

   Thanks for good work and good communication along the way.

     Francine -Woodworking school in New Mexico

"I have never seen such a beautiful tool and one with    such a keen edge.  Thank You for your talent and    care in creating such a great tool. "

Patricia Carroll    Fargo  ND

"I just wanted to say that these are the finest instruments I have ever used. The Quality and workmanship in your products cannot be equaled"

   Rick LaCombe   Evergreen, co

I LOVE the knives, and blades, and strop, and gook I've already bought from you when you came to the middlesex Wood Carvers show in  Massachusetts last year. 

"They've already paid for themselves many times over." you might also note, "Since they hold an edge so beautifully, I feel much safer using them, and haven't slipped once in over a year. Before I started using your blades and sharpening system, I often carved myself."

I look forward to seeing and using the new, curved knife,

Thanks again,Warren Dahlin

I am left handed and hope I ordered the correct bent blade. I want to say that I really love the tools from my previous order and want to tell all of you to keep up the good work. I'm new to carving but notwoodworking and really appreciate the beautiful hand crafted tools your company makes. I will spread theword for Cape Forge. Hope I can drum up some more business for you. Thank You!

> Steve Smith

Quick vote of thanks for the fast shipping, and fine tools you have created.  Received them in the mail today and couldn't get to the shop fast enough.  The handle shape is truly one of the best I've had the pleasure to use, and the keen edge was a wonder to work with.  The tools I received today will not be the last to be sure.  Attached a pic of a spoon created with my new tools.

Tod Randall

I own about a half-dozen of your knives, and they are truly my favorite tools with which to carve.  I use mostly knives to do Scandinavian-style flat-plane carving (yes, I know; there are more realistic styles, but I like Harley Refsal's creations, and I REALLY like working with knives, so what can you do? )

Steve Mack

Just want to say thank you for returning my damaged knife so quickly. It arrived today and its as good as ever.I bought the other  knife at the show in Bedford Mass. last Sunday and I have to say your knives are the greatest. Thanks again.

Fred Krafton

The knives arrived today- they are works of art!!!!!!! I'll save up my nickles and order more tools in the future.

Steve Lambert

I currently have five of your knives including a draw knife. They are the Best! Thanks for doing things right!

Walter Donaldson

I am very impressed with your knives and service.  I will be using your service for all my knive and carving purchaseing in the future.  I used your knife this evening and picked up another one and almost threw the other one in the trash!

Chuck Bondley

Hi, Karyn....sorry I am late in sending this, as I got my custom chisel a couple weeks ago, I think, but this is the first chance I've had to use it.....it is absolutely PERFECT!  Thank you so much for making it for me, and for sending the other knife as well....I have a couple of those already, but I love that particular knife and need it for a portable set that I carry.  The chisel you made will work perfectly for me...It's just the right size for my facial problems, especially the caricature I'm working on right now, so I just wanted to let you know....

Bonnie Biondi

I want to let you know, I purchased the mini knife set for my husband for his birthday. He had some cutouts of black walnut he cut years ago with my father.  They were never finished, because the wood was so hard to carve. He was amazed at how easy it is to carve the walnut, and how well the steel holds it's edge. I love original made in the USA products.
Thank you for the quality workmanship!
Rose Begley


I cannot tell you how happy I am with your product. I am very impressed and satisfied. I would like to order a few more carving chisels and also I would like to send you a few pfiel tools I have collected for a good sharpening.

Michael Hammers

Received the custom mini-set I ordered and I am delighted with it.  You make an excellent high quality product (that is unfortunately all to rare these days).   I may well be ordering more interchangeable blades before too long.  Thanks again.
Eldon Andersen

I also wanted to say how much I like the honest simplicity of the web site. I'm a teacher of ICT and I do like the look and "feel" of your site. I also like the look of your products and I'm looking forward to receiving mine!

Mark Treacher  United Kingdom

My mom is busy with her carvings and reports that the new tool is beautifully made and works very well indeed. Thank you very much for your excellent service!

Regards, Michael Osterlund  Sweden

Tools arrived so fast my head is spinning. Simply beautiful and well ahead of anticipated schedule. They could have been a month out and I would not have had a complaint nor a worry. They arrived Monday, and I did not have a chance to write until now.

Brad White

Just like you said the knives would be in my hands on Monday ( today ) every thing I expected feel good in the hand and very sharp and carve good . just wondering do you sell those band-aids both my wife and myself got a laugh out of those in the package .
thank you
 Jim Quilici

Wow, nice tools (and I haven't even used them yet).

James Brent.

My father came home from his winter residence in Florida yesterday, and brought back 2 Cape Forge knives for me. The #1 knife and the chip carving blade. He knew that I had been wanting these. Wow. These put all my other knives to shame. What a joy to use these fantastic tools. I picked up a Diosbud Forge knife about a year ago, and thought it was the ultimate. Not anymore!!!

Daniel Heine

Tools arrived today, they're works of art. I can hardly wait to work with them!!
All the best and thanks, Scott Irwin

I have several of your knives already which I use all the time.  They are GREAT blades,  arrive VERY sharp and hold their edge very will with just an occasional stropping.  Keep up the good work, you make a great product.

Eldon Anderson


My tools arrived yesterday, thank you very much, the service I have received from yourselves has been second to none.

Trevor Leach

    Just received my order of my knives,  I think I have just purchased my '' STANDARD'' for any future knives or gouges that I buy. They are sharp and beautiful. I was surprised. I am 73 yrs. old and feel I will get many pleasurable hours carving with these knives. Keep up the good work.
                                       Thank You
                                       Merle Rice

Karyn!!! Just pulled my knife from the beautifully sharpen hunk of foam core used to protect my knife and I am very pleased. I had a piece of basswood waiting by the mailbox xo that I could carve immediately. Let me tell you that you all have a magnificent chip carving knife. The man that taught me to chip carve used a Dave Lyons knife and it was great but this knife from Cape Forge is amazing. Thanks for a great product. No need to use the guarantee but nice to know it's there. I will pass on Cape Forge to those I meet and will continue to use you all when my knife needs arise. Thank you. Respectfully, Joe

Rudy...Noblesville, IN

My order arrived a couple of days ago and the knives are absolutely beautiful.  The wait was worth it.  Thanks!
                                                  Bob Bennett

Got my Mini Set today and as usual Good Job. What a pleasure to use such a finely crafted tool. It made me feel I was using a nail to carve with before.

                                     Again Good Job
                                      Merle Rice

The knifes you have sent me last time around are absolutely superb, a joy to look at and a pleasure to work with! Thanks!

Ariel Toron   Isreal

I took the Ross Smoker decoy carving class at Ward Museum a few weeks ago. Ross loaned me a draw knife, so all was well. I added the Cape Forge 5" draw knife to my Christmas list. Ross came around and assisted students, as would be expected. While helping me shape the duck body, he picked up my Cape Forge #4 detailer, and began carving. After about three strokes he said "this is a great knife". As he worked around the class, he came back to my table several times to borrow the Cape Forge knife.  I just thought you'd appreciate hearing that I've now converted two instructors to the benefits of your knives. Hope all is well, looking forward to winter carving.

Bob Prol

I thought I would let you know, the knives arrived yesterday by first post,
Many thanks for your excellent service and the lovely knives you made for me,
Best Regards,
Alan Jackson

Thanks so much for your amazing tools

Carey Bagdassarian

The knife arrived today (very fast), and it is absolutely perfect.  Thank you so much. 
Darren Legan
PS...the band-aid is a great touch. 

I first learned of Cape Forge knives by reading a review of carving knives on the Internet. The reviewer compared four knives. He stated that he borrowed a knife for his review, and said that he was so impressed, he was going to buy one for himself. What better praise is there than that.

I decided to buy one. I have only been carving for a year, and I can tell you that good tools make any hobby more enjoyable. I got my general purpose knife, used it for a few days and retired all the other knives I had purchased. I ordered six more. The difference is between filet mignon and hamburger. Use these knives and you'll never use any others.

Al Pearson

I recieved the new knife sets, they are excellent!!  All I have to do is learn how to sharpen them like you do.

Bill Whalen

Got the knives today, incredible......................now I see what carving is really all about.

William Rafferty

I seem to have lost just a very tiny piece from the tip on one of my chip carving knives I bought from you.  Should be an easy repair, it’s such a small piece that I didn’t even notice it at first.  I will send it to you before the week is over and if you can let me know when it is on the way back I would appreciate it.

I am really happy with the resharpening/reshaping on my much abused Swiss chisels that you did last year; they are back in service and as good as new.

Rich Brooks


I’m looking forward to receiving the order I placed with Cape Forge – you have some of the finest woodcarving tools available and worth every minute of the wait.  Don’t hurry the “smithy” & keep up the good work!

Take care, Tom Eldridge

Karyn- What a beautiful knife.  And it is sharp!!!   With all the sharpening stuff I have accumulated I have yet to get my gouges so sharp. 

Thanks. Aubrey


Just wanted you to know that I received my order today and I am so happy and impressed with the knife!!!!  As I expected excellent craftsmanship!!   Thank you so much.  I can see that you guys will for sure be my 'tool-ers' of choice, so expect to hear from me again as I built my inventory!!

Steve Max


I received the knives and such today that you sharpened. They are great as always thanks. Thanks for turning bad gouges into something useful.

Terry Beckner

Hi Karyn.  I received my knife today, and can tell already that I am going to love it.  I did take the liberty of rounding off the backbone of the blade, instead of having such a squared off edge.  It allows the knife to slide better on some cuts, plus looks very finished in the end.
     Thanks for the great service, and I love the fact that I could pay with Paypal.
Thanks again, Tom Ellis

just got the knife today and it is a beauty!  I have used it already and can tell that is adds to my limited carving abilities-have used a 40 y/o skew most of the timeI like the instructions saying it never needs sharpening, only stropping.

 Thanks for the good service, Bill Dean


I received the knives today. Have used them and they are great. Thanks for your extra efforts in getting them to me. I will be in touch when I need something else. Thanks again. 

D. Hannum

Just wanted to let you know that we held our seminar for beginners this weekend.... Saturday and Sunday. The students were very pleased with the Cape Forge Knives that we provided for them. Most of the knives were purchased by the students at the end of the day. We look forward to working with you to provide our students with the highest quality carving knives.

Thanks, Jim Burcio

My Cape Forge Detail knife arrived yesterday and, like all my Cape Forge tools, works just great!  Thanks so much for making my Father's Day extra special!
Bob Nichols

Thanks Karyn!  Our carvers fairly drool (that's easy for geezers) over your knives.

Jim Bane

I received the shipment today.  It was better than expected.  The knife really carves great.  Thank you for the quick service.  You all make great carving tools.

Have a great day, Charles Emmert

I see you are making "V" tools, which I'll probably order, but I wonder if you are also making micro "veiners" for the travel kit. I travel with both the knife and gouge kits and love them.  I still marvel at the craftsmanship you maintain at Cape Forge.
         Bob Bennett

   I have received most of my order. This is not to inquire about the remaining items. I just wanted to say that these are the finest instruments I have ever used. The Quality and workmanship in your products cannot be equaled. Thank you. No hurry on the remaining items (really).

Rick LaCombe

Got the tools. Looking great, like jewels.  Thanks.
Alex Geller  Isreal

Hi Mike & Karyn, thought you might like to know that somehow some of your tools have ended up here in the UK. Not sure how they arrived here but I was intrigued with their appearance and bid for and bought them on ebay and they in excellent condition. 

I have to admit I had not heard of your company (sorry about that!) but thought they looked interesting if not a little unconventional from the usual London patterns so loved by UK carvers. Having received them in the post I tried them out today and was very impressed with the quality of the cut I am looking forward to producing a full blown carving with them.

I have been carving for 40 years and like so many carvers I have been a long time devotee of the old Victorian Addis & Herring tools. I think I have found a new brand for me to covet and regard myself as very lucky to have found your tools by happenstance.

 Thanks for a great experience with such excellent tools

 Regards, Terry Moss

I purchased one of your general carving knives many years ago at a carving show in Massachusetts.  You should know that it has become probably my most-used carving tool for my hand-carved wood signs.  The blade sharpens quickly to a very keen edge with the strop andcompound that I also purchased from you at the same time.  I saw  your ad in a woodcarving magazine today and checked out the website.  Glad to have found you again. 
Thanks for the excellent knife!
Jonathan Timm

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!     What a great edge, thanks for a superior blade!!!  I want to order another mini blade that is curved so that the blade is facing me when I am holding it in my right hand....to use in a scooping motion...Please advise me what to order    Thanks again!   Richard Jensen, Deltona , Fla

I have three of your carving knives purchased 5-6 years ago and love them.  They are my favorite carving knives, and I have Helvie's, Pfeil, and lots of Flex Cut.  My most favorite for carving lips on miniature wooden dolls is a very curved one that you don't seem to make anymore.  The blade is only around an inch long and has quite a severe convex curve.  I also have your convex curved knife, but don't find as much use for it.  And I have your straight carving knife.  But now I am intrigued by your traveler set and will be ordering it separately.  But please do add me to your subscription list!  Thanks, Bill Fifer, West Chester, Pennsylvania.

    I got the knives and chisels today in the mail.

    I have tried them out and they are sharp and wonderful! It was worth the wait. I may have a hard time waiting until I can order some more.

    Thank you for your craftsmanship, skill and attention to my order!

Jeff Pretz

I met you and your dad at the WCI seminar in the fall.  I bough one of your knife sets in the black pouch.  I use it frequently and LOVE IT!!!!!!!.  I am looking to buy the companion chisel set and a draw knife in the near future.

Thank you for your wonderful products, and continued success with the business 

Ken woods


I received my repaired knife and just wanted to thank you for the fine job.Like lost carvers/whittlers I have a collection of several (if notmany!) knives to use on any given project. My Cape Forge knives in general and this one in particular are  inevtibly the ones I choose first when I want clean and easy slicing.

 Thank you and best regards, Russ Lavigne

Thanks again, and thanks for great tools! I have really enjoyed using the carving knife I won at the Fox Chapel Block Party! It is an exceptional tool!

Michael Wine


Karyn-  They are exquisite -  Tested the knife, feels good - drew blood - used your Band-Aid. The bull nose goes through wood like butter, calms stormy gouge trails and fits well in my hand.  The Dog Leg - perfect.  What can I say.

-  Thank You - Thank You - Thank You.


I bought your "buy five knives, get the sixth free" id like the sixth one a #9. I bought the traveler at Christmas , these are the best knives I've ever had, now I want more of you knives. excellent product thank you

 mike fisher

Thanks so much for fixing the tip of my detail blade, which arrived in the mail Friday.  You really did a superior job and I swear the blade is even noticeably sharper than before.  I can’t wait to dig it into the pair of nuthatches I’m working on.  

Your blades are fast becoming the only knives I use!  Thanks again!

Steve McDonald

Karyn- The  mini knives you made for me came in. They are the sharpest I've ever used - Thanks so much- Ed Kancurik

I recently received my order from Cape Forge and have discovered a new diet plan that you might not have realized was included with the knives.  It’s called the skip-lunch-and-carve-for-an-hour diet.  I park the bed of my truck in the shade, let the tail gate down, rest my haunches and carve the calories away.  Healthier than a fast food fill-up too and more satisfying!

Thomas Eldridge


 Have been using the two knives that I bought from you two weeks ago they make my knives look pretty bad. these knives (your knives ) cut thru the wood like a hot thru butter . at our carving club they all liked the Knives and I am sure you will be getting some orders.
thank you very much
Jim Quilici