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Sorry, but we are currently not accepting new chisel orders

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The Mini Set

Our interchangeable mini set is one of our best sellers

. The set is ideal to take on the go or leave on your bench.  The tools are perfect for adding detail and need only stropping for maintenance.

 The interchangeable set comes with your choice of blades, handle and handy leather pouch that will fit in your pocket. The blades available are:

#3 gouge,#5 gouge,#9 gouge, v-tool,
straight or skew

The tools average 3/16" to 1/4" in width and the overall length is 6" handled. This is the perfect set for adding detail to any project. Best of all only stropping is needed to maintain the edge, for each tool is hand forged and hardened to a Rockwell 62c. A Tear Drop handle is also available upon request and custom sizes available

Mini Chisel Sets

We are currently not taking new orders on these tools.


5 tools, handle & pouch $159.00  *  4 tools handle & pouch  $144.00 * 3 tools, handle and pouch $124.00

 If you have specific needs, just let us know.  We are always happy to put together sets with the tools you will use.   All tools are available separately if you would like to make your own handle or add to your existing set.   For customized sets email me your desired tools and I will send along an estimate and expected delivery time.  Listed above is the basic breakdown, but can vary slightly depending on choices.

Looking to expand your existing mini set?

Add an Extra Handle..

The Tear Drop works for both knives and chisels for it is ideal for both pushing with gouges and the pulling/pushing associated with knives. The standard is the choice if you plan on just using chisels for it fits in your palm is ideal for pushing. 

Extra Standard or Tear Drop Interchangeable handle  $32.00-$36.00

Handle Style
Or add a chisel to your existing set

or Mini knife blades for your existing set...$26.00

For those of you who prefer to do most of your detail work with knives you should check out our Mini Knife sets.  You can also add chisels to these sets and no matter which way you go, we know you will love and use them.  Check them out on the Knife page

Mini Knife Set

Mini Blades$26.00
Bent mini knife blades- $28.00
Interchangeable Tear Drop handles - $36.00

Palm Chisels

Our Palm tools have become quite popular. They are handled in a tear drop shaped handle approx. 3 1/2" in length that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand . Shaft lengths average 2"-3" and can be customized. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes ranging from 1/8" -3/4"( v-tools only available up to 1/4").

We are committed to quality, but are limiting the quantity...


We are committed to quality, but are limiting the quantity...

We have slowed down the production of our larger chisels - all other tools will remain the same.

 to order a chisel please email me directly with your order and we will put you on our wait list and bill you when we get close to shipping.  due to the delayed shipping on these tools, we would rather you keep your cash until the tools are made.  You can cancel at any time.   

These tools are a joy to use and will soon become your favorites. We custom make them to your specifications because we understand that everyone has different needs when it comes to their tools. You pick the blade style and width of the tool that you prefer. The basic shapes and sizes are listed below, but you are always welcome to deviate from the norm. The shaft length can vary from 2" to 12" depending on your needs; the average length is 4" to 5". We use our "E" or "E-1 handle for it is the most versatile . shown from let to right is "E", "E-1" "A" and "B".("A and B have been discontinued) The edge geometry is designed for hand use, but may be used with a mallet. These tools are available as a dog leg, crank, or bent at your request for an additional $8.00.

1/4" to 3/4"  

& 7/8 to 1 18"

prices range from $82 and up



(Based on European # system)

To Order please Call or Email.






or Email.

To Order please Call 1-888-310-EDGE(3343)



Skews, Straights and Fishtails
Picture of Chisel Shapes

Straights, skews, and fishtails are double beveled unless specified as a chisel bevel.
Call for pricing on larger tools.


To Order please Call or Email.



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