Who makes the tools?

                                                                                         The father and daughter team of  Mike and Karyn

Mike de Punte' - The Brains

Mike came up with the idea of creating first rate products for woodcarvers back in 1987. He had been making custom hunting and art knives for 15 years or so and was discouraged by the fact that these magnificent pieces were rarely used. At the same time he noted the lack of wood working tools available. The idea was formed and he ran it by his daughter and Cape Forge came to life.

Mike has his Journeyman rating in the American Bladesmiths Society and still continues to create custom hunting and Damascus art knives on a limited basis. The operation has been split into two locations since the early 90's. Mike and his wife Janath reside on Cape Cod (hence the name) where he does all the forging and finishes all the chisels.

Karyn de Punte' - The Brawn

Karyn earned her BA degree in Industrial Education and Technology in 1988. Being one of the only women in the department she often wondered where this degree was going to lead her. When her father ran the idea of edged tools by her she new it was something to pursue. She moved back to Cape Cod in 1988 and started apprenticing with her father. Karyn spends most of her time behind on of her several grinders where she creates all the knives. The business is also run out of Karyn's home and it is likely you will speak with her when placing your order. Karyn and her husband Mark  reside in Connecticut where he is a Professor of Bio-chemistry at the University of St Josephs Pharmacy school.   Mark and Karyn have 3 children and a Great Pyrenees. 

Over the years the business (Karyn) has moved from Cape Cod where she apprenticed, to Vermont for Mark's graduate schooling, Colorado for a post doctorate position and family, Maine to begin his teaching and currently Connecticut where we hope to settle for awhile.   Each move has brought about a little nicer shop.

One big happy family without a decent knife in the kitchen!

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