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July 2015
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   It has been awhile since I sent out a newsletter. I am not sure when it transitioned to a yearly update, but somewhere along the way it just happened.  Maybe dad and I are getting slower (a distinct possibility), or maybe I am running out of things to say (unlikely).  For we still dream up new products, get all excited about them and then realize "when are we possibly going to fit that in".  Maybe I should have started with what's old (No not us), I am referring to our machines because in 26 years of business they are really starting to feel the wear and tear.  We seem to be combating new issues every week. Bearings, motors and elements all seem to reaching the end of their life span  We are pushing their limits and will continue to do so! Fortunately, Dad really loves to take apart his machines and fix them, but I seem to take more of the band-aid approach! For instance, I have an allen wrench inserted in my band saw  with duct tape as the key holding the upper drive wheel in place. "Shhh.... don't tell dad", but it  has been working like this for years. Dad, on the other hand just took apart the Logan (a machinist lathe we use for sockets and such) and greased the bearings. His way is certainly better in the long run and just like our traditional methods of creating tools, our tools will last another lifetime with his style of proper care. Now it is up to me to be more like Dad, I am like him in so many ways. Anyone want to replace the elements in one of my kilns? I seem to be putting it off....

Interesting Tidbit
For Dad's Birthday every year I oil my machines.
It is the gift that keeps on giving!
Knife Giveaway
Being a Father and Daughter team, we are very fond of the Father's day Knife giveaway.
This year we are happy to announce that

Russell Powell

is our knife winner.
standard knife 2

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Shop Talk
Mini Versus Standard Size

3 sizes
    I have noticed a bit of confusion on the sizes lately.   I know it is hard to  see the difference on the web site,  so I am going to try to give you a visual here with an explanation to help clarify.
   Our standard size tools are all forged from 1/4" round stock.  For those of you who are unfamilar with the forging process the largest width you can get is double or 1/2" from 1/4" stock.  The mini size is forged from 5/32" with a maximum width of 5/16". When the blades are forged we must also keep the length in correlation to  the width. This means that the Standard size or Fixed knives and Traveler sets start as 1/4" stock and are never greater than 1/2" in width and can go up to 1 3/4" in length and the Mini Sets and Detailers  start as 5/32" and are never greater than 5/16" in width and  just a little over 1" for a maximum lengh. I hope that helps!      Just to keep it confusing, each can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Featured Link
Gillette Castle

I had the chance to visit this castle last year and all I could think of the whole time was how my woodcarving friends would be in awe. The outside is a beautiful stone castle and the inside is a woodcarver's dream. Every door, hinge, window latch, table and more is hand carved and really amazing. I would recommend a visit!
I have added photos to our facebook page if you want to see more.
Face book photo album


From the Archives

    I was going back through the archives and our first newsletter was published in June of 1993.  I thought you might enjoy a peek at what we were doing way back then. Not only did I create the newsletter on paper and copy it - I individually mailed it out to our subscribers three times a year! Wow! I must have had extra time or youth on my side!

Our custom tool was a boat builder's slick

a beautiful tool measuring 3 feet long with a 3" cutting edge. We were at the Ward Show along with the Lowell Folk Art Festival and Green Mountain Woodcarvers show that year. A local Vermont carver and friend Chuck Thompson stopped by and showed me how he cut a groove into sole leather and with a little oil made a great sheath.
Our tidbit was- that 1993 was deemed the Year of the Craftsman!

Made me wonder who deemed it!

Thank you for the great comments-they can really make our day!

I wanted to add a testimonial to your website but I guess maybe that can't be done directly so here goes":
"After several months of use, I have concluded that the Cape Forge handles & blades are themselves works of art. Not only do they "do the job", they are beautiful, ergonomic, and solidly made for a lifetime of use. Telling my wife its for Father's Day (again), I just placed a second order!"
Thanks, Terry Eastham

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