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shown above-The handle on top  is our Standard -5 1/2" length and is very comfortable for both push and pulling the knife.  Our most popular choice
bottom is our Tear Drop 4"- length  fits comfortably in the palm of your hand 
Either choice is backed by our 100% Guarantee.  

Bargain Hunter- Buy any 5 knives and get a FREE Detailer

when ordering 5 knives just leave us a note in the optional note section with your choice of standard detailer a -$35.00 dollar value (excludes bent detailers)

All our knives can be custom created in blade lengths 1"-1 3/4". We have listed the most common lengths below, but feel free to alter the blade lengths to fit your needs.  We can also make longer blades for a small extra charge.  Contact us for details.


#1 General
Our most common knife. A traditional all purpose blade used in all phases of carving. 11/4"-1 1/2"
#1 Carving Knife
#2 General
The curve of the blade is designed for slicing and concave cuts, also handy when you don't want the tip to bite in, such as tight curves. 1 1/2"

#2 Carving Knife

#3 Detail
The narrow tip allows you access to areas that you just can't reach with other knives. Slightly clipped for strength. 1" -1 1/4"
#3 Carving Knife
#4 Detail
Narrowest at the tip for detailing hollow work. The shape is also comfortable for thumb control. 1 1/2" - 1 3/4'"
#4 Carving Knife
#4s Bird Carving 
A favorite among bird carvers. The tip does not get in the way for feathering and allows small hollows. 1" Only.
#4s Carving Knife
#5 General
A skew type blade works well for creating and cleaning stop cuts and for undercutting. 1 1/4"
#5 Carving Knife
#6 General
The knife has two edges. One is a straight edge, the other is on the tip and designed for undercutting.  1 1/2-1 3/4
#6 Carving knife
#7 Detail
A different slant on the basic detail knife. Allows for more control in some areas.       1" - 1 1/4"   
#7 Carving Knife
#8 General
Great for rounding corners. The tip allows access to spots unreachable with other blades and works well for stop cuts.  1 1/4"
#8 Carving Knife

#9 General

This knife has been enjoyed by many decoy carvers. It works well for slicing cuts and concave cuts. 1 3/4"
#9 Carving Knife

 #10 General
A familiar shape for many. Found on jackknives. Great for hollow cuts and the tip allows for detail work. 1 1/2" - 1 3/4"
#10 Carving Knife

#11 General

An old time design used in places where you need a straight edge but do not want the tip to bite into your work. Also known as a "safe edge". 1 1/2"

#11 Carving Knife

#12 Detail

The narrowness of this blade allows for the smallest of concave cuts and slicing cuts. 1" - 1 1/4"

#12 Carving Knife

Chip Carving Knife
The blade is 1" in length and bend at a 20 degree angle. The handle is inverted, which you will find very comfortable for extended use while chip carving. A stab knife and other angles are also available. 1"
Handle Style
Blade Style
Buy 5 knives get a FREE Detailer   Pick any 5 carving knives and let us know the "Detailer"  you would like for FREE.  Detailers are mini versions of  Carving Knives 1-12 and ideal for adding detail to any project. (excludes bent detailers)


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