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Need help Sharpening?

We try to make is as simple as possible by creating tools that you only need to strop for maintenance.  Visit our step by step instructions below for your knives

How to strop your tools


And here is a helpful video for your small palm tools.

Stropping your palm tools


We also publish a small informative booklet that gives you the how’s and whys of sharpening

The Joy of Sharpening”

If you would like a printed copy, it is available on the Accessories page for a small fee.



Or you can always use our

Sharpening Service

We are always here to help you maintain our tools

By popular demand, we are offering a sharpening service. We will always help you learn proper techniques for your own edge maintenance, but we understand that sometimes you may want a hand. With any of our tools you should only need to strop the blades unless you damage the edge.  Our tools can be sent in for a minimal handling and return shipping fee. For all your other tools see our prices below and we do offer quantity discounts.  Turn around time is generally one week. 

Knives Sharpening:  $3.50 each / Reshaping or Repairing: $6.50

Chisels Straights and Skews Sharpening: $4.50 / Reshaping or Repairing: $6.50

Gouges and V-Tools  Sharpening: $5.50 / Reshaping or Repairing: $7.50

Contact us for invoicing! And please include all your information in the package along with email address for the quickest reply.  Any questions, contact:


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