Here are some interesting ideas that you may find of use in the wood carving world.
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Are your glue bottle caps either so full of crud that they are useless or they just simply disappear? Try using electrical nuts (they are used to hold wires together) they make great replacement caps;  Keep a few different sizes on hand and you will not need to worry about your glue drying out again.

Make your own Buffing Rake

Simply by taking a hardwood stick and drilling 20 or so holes the exact size of the nails you have on hand.  Put the nails in the holes and glue a thin strip on the back to keep the nails in place and you have an instant buffing rake. 


Splinter Relief Made Easy

The next time you have a splinter, reach for a roll of tape before resorting to tweezers or a needle.  Simply put a piece of tape over the splinter and pull off.  Surprisingly this will remove most splinters easily.


 A Handy way to hold your plans


By using a coat hook with two clothes pins or office clips you can hang your plans for easy access. 


Make your own Stropping Block for small V-tools and Gouges

This is one of the easiest tips to use and will make stropping your tools a breeze. Simply take a hard leather strop and cut a groove using each tool. The groove will be the exact shape of your tool and by adding compound (oil base works best) to the groove and pulling away from the edge your tools will remain sharp indefinitely.
From the Cutting Edge 1993



When glue squeezes out on the inside corner of a joint, you can either smear it all over trying to wipe it up... OR you can scoop the glue up with a plastic straw. Push the straw into the corner just enough to make it conform to the joint, but not enough to collapse the straw. Then slide in along scooping up the glue.



Are your paint brushes stiff? Try a quick soak in a tablespoon or hair conditioner mixed with a pint of warm water.


Need a measurement away from home?

A dollar bill is just about 6" long

6 1/8" x 2 5/8 to be exact.